Double Horse Roasted Rava, 1 kg



Double Horse Roasted Rava

About the Product

Double Horse Roasted Rava is made from high quality durum wheat. Rava is also known as semolina or sooji. It is one of the staple ingredient in the Indian diet. It has a sweet, nutty flavour and earthy aroma. This nutritious sooji has a rich flavour and aroma. we bring to you roasted rava that helps make your cooking process easy. It is rich in iron, minerals and antioxidant. This can be used to make both, sweet and savoury dishes. It is mainly used in making couscous, pasta, upma, and sweet puddings. It does not contain any added preservatives or added flavour.
Nutritional Facts

  • Per 100 g :-
  • Calories: 374,
  • Carbs: 83g,


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