Fortune Xpert Pro Immunity, 5 L Jar


Fortune Xpert Pro Immunity

About the Product

From India’s No.1 Edible Oil Brand, Fortune Xpert Pro Immunity Oil makes you and your family stronger. With the blend of two healthiest refined oils, Rice Bran and Sunflower, it contains 100+ Natural Antioxidants, including Antioxidants like Gamma Oryzanol as well as includes multivitamins that ensure strength from within to reduce the risk of infections and improve your immune response. A stronger immune system means stronger you. Sometimes, you need to bring home an Xpert to take the right step towards a healthier lifestyle.


  1. 100+ Natural antioxidants, including immunity boosting oxidants, to help strengthen your immune system.
  2. Vitamin A, D, E improve your immune responses and help against bacterial and viral infections.
  3. MUFA and PUFA: It has a good balance of MUFA & PUFA as advised by NIN/ICMR.


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