Too Yumm! Rings – Tomato Twist, 2×75 g Multipack


Too Yumm! Rings – Tomato Twist

About the Product

Too Yumm! Brings to you the goodness of tomato. It is a great snacking option for your sudden hunger stricks. These are the healthiest potato stix that you will ever get. This healthy snack is baked and not fried. It has great taste and has less fat content compared to other snacks. It is made by mixing dehydrated or dried tomatoes that are powdered and mixed with some spices and other ingredients and baked. It is a perfect on-the-go snack or a mid-day snack.

Nutritional Facts

Nutritional Facts 100g, Energy (Kcal) 493, Total Carbohydrates (G) 67, Added Sugars (G) 6.9, Dietary Fibre (G) 2.2, Protein (G) 5.4, Total Fat (G) 22.5, Saturated Fat (G) 10.4, Mono Unsaturated Fat (G) 9.4, Poly Unsaturated Fat (G) 2.6, Trans Fat (G) 0.01, Cholesterol (Mg) 0, Sodium (Mg) 830


How to Use

  • Just open the pack and consume it as it is.
  • Great for a mid-day snack or just too much on whenever hunger stricks.


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