Wow Momo Darjeeling Veg Momos, 2×20 pcs Multipack



Wow Momo Darjeeling Veg Momos

About the Product

Each & every bite of these momos will give you an authentic taste of hills, served with popular wow momo sauce. Momos are a kind of dumpling that is similar to Chinese potstickers. It is made from high-quality ingredients. Wow Momo brings to you Darjeeling Veg momo that is a blend of tasty delectable chicken to create a riot of flavours in your mouth. It is a treat for all momo lovers out there.

This momo is thinly wrapped and generously stuffed with the best quality delicious vegetables, spices and herbs. It is an excellent low-calorie dish with a good source of fibre and vitamins. This versatile dish can be made with various fillings. Now you can eat momos at home without any hassle you just need to microwave or steam them.


Cabbage Green, Carrot (Red), Refined Wheat Flour, Onion, Coriander, Ginger, Butter, Margarine And Fat Spread, Refined Oil, Malto Dextrin Powder, Starch, Iodised Salt, Flavour Enhancer INS-627 & INS-631, Yeast Extract, Flavour, Nature Identical Flavouring Substances, Soya Flour, Anti Caking Agent INS-551 & 170(I), Flour Treatment Agent (INS-928,920 & INS-1102, 1101 (I))


Nutritional Facts

  • Energy, kcal/100g-132.08
  • Protein, g/100g-4.35


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